Picture of Alliance Employee Cheraire Lyons for Employee Spotlight

Meet Cheraire Lyons, PhD, MBA

Sep 15, 2023
Our Alliance team is made up of many dynamic individuals who bring various skills and strengths to our practice. We are so proud of team members like Cheraire Lyons.

Dr. Lyons recently completed her PhD in Human Services and also completed her MBA in 2018. Her accomplishments are especially admirable as she continues to successfully run our Revenue Cycle business. In addition to overseeing 10 departments within the revenue cycle, she oversees Alliance’s payer contract negotiations, and payer and provider enrollment.

Since joining Alliance in 2015, Dr. Lyons’s many contributions here are a result of her deep experience in healthcare, her continuing studies, and her dedication to her team and the practice. Get to know more about Dr. Lyons, below!              

What interests or passions prompted you to pursue a PhD in Human Services?

I've always been passionate about mental health and well-being, driving my pursuit of higher education in psychology to promote greater awareness of the importance of mental wellness. This led me to choose human services, expanding my capacity to support underserved populations and communities, and to work across various specialties beyond psychology. Additionally, I have a keen interest in clinical research.

What’s your best advice for very busy people, particularly females, working toward a specific goal?

Here's my key advice for those striving towards a specific goal: first, set a target that aligns with the person you aspire to become, not just who you are today. Second, be realistic about what you're willing to give up, whether it's time, energy, or more. Balancing work, motherhood, marriage, and studies posed challenges, but I chose to channel my energy into positivity, keeping my eyes on progress and growth.

What do you like best about your role at Alliance?

I like that Alliance has allowed for the creation of an environment that embraces growth. I enjoy my role because I have been given an opportunity to pay it forward and to create the same growth opportunities for others.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I spend time with my husband and our three boys either going to sporting events, traveling, swimming or relaxing on the patio in the summer, and having game night with the family. I especially love painting or mentoring individuals professionally or personally.