Alliance Recognizes Our 7th Annual Alliance Core Value Award Recipients

Alliance Recognizes Our 7th Annual Alliance Core Value Award Recipients

Jan 12, 2023
Alliance Spine and Pain Centers closed 2022 by recognizing the company’s top performers with our annual Alliance Core Values Awards.

Alliance Spine and Pain Centers closed 2022 by recognizing the company’s top performers with our annual Alliance Core Values Awards. The recipients embody our Core Values of going above and beyond with regard to Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Service.

Each year we receive many deserving nominees with inspirational stories about incredible employees who do so much for Alliance and its patients. In addition, we also honor and recognize our Provider of the year and an individual that embodies many or all of our Core Values with the Chairman’s Award.

We’re proud to announce this year’s recipients for the 7th Annual Alliance Core Value Awards. Learn more about each recipient and why they were chosen!


Compassion Award

The Compassion Award recipient consistently demonstrates sympathy and concern for the misfortunes of others along with a strong desire to help. They’re often described as selfless, kind, sensitive and determined to alleviate or reduce suffering to patients and co-workers.

Based on the above characteristics, Rashida Lavette, a CMA at Camp Creek and Piedmont/ Atlanta, was chosen as the Compassion Award recipient.

Here’s why:

“Rashida goes above and beyond to make sure her patients receive the best care possible. She is a clear example of a person that deeply cares for her patients and coworkers. Rashida is kind and works hard to make sure her patients are comfortable.”

“Rashida goes above and beyond to make sure her patients receive compassionate care at our Piedmont/ Atlanta and Camp Creek locations and shows dedication to her position.”

Rashida exemplifies why we have the best care team. Thank you for making Alliance a rewarding and impactful place to work!


Respect Award

The recipient of the Respect Award demonstrates they value their co-workers and patients by honoring their personal rights, opinions and dignity. They’re also willing to listen and learn from others as well as lead by example while consistently treating others as they would like to be treated, regardless of their views, and always making themselves accessible to others.

This year, Alliance’s Benefits Team Lead in our corporate headquarters, Jada Williams, won the Respect.

Here’s why:

“Jada is extremely respectful towards everyone she comes in contact with. She is very easy to talk to and someone you can trust to have everyone’s best interest in mind. You can go to Jada with any problem knowing that she will listen and help find a solution, work or non-work related.”

“Jada takes in her team’s feedback on their workflow suggestions to operate more smoothly. She respects everyone’s opinion when coming up with new ways of doing things. If there are issues within her department, Jada handles them with respect for everyone and looks for a quick and fair solution.”

Thank you, Jada, for managing a great solutions-oriented team!


Integrity Award

The Integrity Award recipient always does the right thing, even when no one else is looking. They’re also honest, ethical, have strong moral principles and their actions consistently reflect their words. Lastly, they’re also trusted and relied upon by co-workers and patients as someone willing and able to help.

This year, Katie Hinton, Front Office Manager in Camp Creek, received the Integrity award.

Here’s why:

“Katie Hinton is the ideal recipient to be recognized for the Integrity award because she always does the right thing, even when no one is looking. Katie has built a strong foundation of trust with her patients, coworkers, and providers.”

“She is honest, ethical, and has strong moral principles. Katie is reliable and true to her word, and her integrity constantly displays in all her work. When faced with challenges with patients, coworkers, and providers, Katie consistently makes the right choice.”

Thank you, Katie, for being a model of Integrity.


Excellence Award

The recipient of the Excellence Award continually strives to surpass ordinary standards and consistently go above and beyond their normal duties. The Excellence Award winner also constantly seeks to improve their performance through collaboration and being innovative as well as set specific goals before taking steps to achieve them.

This year, Alliance’s Surgical Scheduler in Marietta, Alise Cantrell, was chosen as the Excellence award winner.

Here’s why:

“Alise started at Alliance in the ‘check- in’ role. Her intellectual capabilities, engaging personality, and problem-solving skill set allowed her to quickly be promoted to the role of scheduler. Alise has an amazing ability to keep all of the ‘big’ personalities working together smoothly and is an internal problem solver to help with clinical flow.”

“Often, she works tirelessly through lunch and stays late without any complaints. Alise never fails to check in with coworkers when she knows they are having a bad day, and she always makes new employees feel at home. If Alise ever has a bad day, she never shows it.”

While Alise’s qualifications fit several of the core values, the Excellence Award suits her perfectly. Thank you, Alise!


Service Award

The recipient of the Service Award understands we are in business for one reason – to help patients overcome pain. The Service Award winner is someone who directly touches patients while supporting the center and, ultimately, the patient. The Service winner also continually seeks to understand the needs of those around them while being accountable, empathetic, customer-focused and resourceful.

This year, Alliance’s Robin Cade, a regional administrator in Carrollton and Douglasville, received the Service Award.

Here’s why:

“Robin exemplifies what it means to be a true leader in service with her natural leadership skills. She constantly ensures that her staff and the patients do not see or feel the stress of the challenges in her role. Robin is not afraid to put on her scrubs to spend an entire day grinding it out with the rest of us, or watching Dr. Masson’s children when his wife is sick so he can see his patients.”

“When a challenge is presented, Robin always finds a solution that makes her team feel their concerns were heard. She has a wealth of knowledge from her years of nursing and leadership experience.”

There never comes a time when she doesn’t put Alliance or the patients first. Thank you, Robin, for your service to our practice!


Provider Award

The recipient of the Provider Award is the CRNA, PA, nurse practitioner or physician who most embodies all of our core values. This person lives by these values, thus setting an example for others to do the same. Their behavior is consistent, inspirational and recognized by both patients and employees.

Alliance PA, Brittany Fox-Morrison, from our Carrollton and Douglasville locations was selected as the Provider of the year.

Here’s why:

“Brittany embodies all of our core values. She shows compassion to her patients and understanding that the therapeutic touch, such as a hug, can be one of the best treatments. Brittany works with both patients and staff to ensure care is provided timely with a manageable schedule that yields a good experience and respects everyone’s time.”

“She is true to herself, which is displayed in her character. Brittany balances good and bad situations throughout the day for an outcome of harmony. When patients frequently call in acute situations, Brittany listens to and empathizes with them.”

Alliance providers are recognized as some of the best in the country because of team members like Brittany. Congratulations, Brittany!


Chairman’s Award

The Chairman’s Award is given to the employee who best exemplifies all of Core Values by providing exceptional patient care and consistently being an outstanding employee and colleague.

This year Alliance LPN, Candy Clinton, from Conyers was honored with this award.

Here’s why:

“Candy always goes above and beyond to ensure that Conyers ASC runs at a high level. She is well organized, runs the ASC as efficiently as possible, and has an uncanny ability to keep track of dates and when tasks need to be done. Candy knows nearly all the ins and outs of this business and usually the most efficient means in getting them done. She has an excellent attention to detail and that has been reflected when Conyers went through JCAHO.”

“Candy has been steering the ship for a very long time and can anticipate and address many of the clinic’s needs, which many of the providers acknowledged her preparation for these details made smooth transitions. She has experience as the Director of Nurses and a charge nurse. Candy’s staff and staff from other regions see her as an excellent resource for our industry. She is always available to answer any questions and is dedicated to the company, to her staff, and the patients that she assists each day.”

Candy has been with Alliance for fifteen years and always goes above and beyond to take care of patients. Candy is a great teammate, excellent resource and a compassionate caregiver. Congratulations Candy! Alliance is better because of you.